ALUMIL continued its growth trajectory in 2023

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ALUMIL, one of the leading aluminum architectural systems companies, continued to grow in 2023 amid global challenges and an unstable international economic environment. In particular, the Group achieved in 2023 a remarkable increase of 7% in sales volume continuing thus at an unabated pace the growth rates of 2022. However, turnover increased at a lower rate of 0.5%, due to the rapid decrease in the price of the raw material of aluminum on the metal exchange (LME), as a consequence dragging the sales prices lower.

After the unprecedented increase in profits and turnover in 2022, ALUMIL maintained a growth trajectory in 2023, laying the foundations for the successful course of 2024.

New investments lead to record performance in 2024

In the last five years, ALUMIL has already made optimization and modernization investments amounting to 60 million euros, while it has already started additional investments in this direction.

Based on the specific investment plan, 2024 is predicted to be a record year in terms of turnover for ALUMIL, as well as geographical distribution of sales.

Already the first messages for the current fiscal year are highly encouraging, since, at a nominal level, sales growth reached 15% in the first quarter of 2024 while the turnover is twice the rate compared to the corresponding period of 2023.

ALUMIL proceeds with its investment strategy with funds from the Recovery & Resilience Mechanism amounting to 15 million euros, for which the final approval is expected soon.

Dynamic growth at home and abroad

2023 was a year in which the dominance of ALUMIL over other European companies including the important market of Egypt was highlighted, while its great perspective was seen both in the African markets and in the markets of India, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, where it is already active.

It also performed particularly well in a number of developed markets, such as the United Kingdom, Italy and Canada. After all, ALUMIL has been active in more than 60 countries around the world for decades, which is a sign of steady growth, economic health and extroversion.

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