Development Ministry’s measures to combat high market prices pass in Parliament

3 months ago 14

Hellenic Parliament passed late on Thursday the amendment of the Ministry of Development regarding the transparency of product prices, the rationalization of the prices of baby formula, as well as the upgrade of the “e-katanalotis” platform.

According to the ministry’s announcement, the repercussions of inflationary pressures and misleading offers and discounts are dealt with. Structural distortions in the market are corrected, lower prices are achieved.

Development Minister Kostas Skrekas stated: “The Hellenic Parliament voted in favour of the amendment of the Ministry of Development with the four measures to deal with high market prices. They are aimed at immediate reductions on supermarket shelves and correcting long-term dysfunctions throughout the supply chain. The orderly functioning of the market for the benefit of consumers is imperative. We will continue to support households and will take every possible measure to do so.”

As the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has said, we will not tolerate the so-called greedflation. “The control mechanisms of the Ministry of Development are constantly on alert. We strengthen healthy competition, protect consumers. We will continue our efforts as long as necessary,” he stressed.

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